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If you are a prospective Wedding Couple reading this article, surely your heart shall skip a beat or beat extra fast. Wedding preparations need to be as detailed and perfect as possible. Perhaps not 100% perfect, however we must ensure the necessary steps towards planning a successful wedding, be carefully executed.

Most importantly is for you special day @ The Day to run smoothly, be truly blessed and far memorable..


Selecting a date during festive seasons causes an increase in price of goods and services due to higher demands. Therefore, retailers and service providers are surely to increase price of their goods ands services as the wish. Like it or not, we have no alternative and left to purchase although it would not be considered a wise step. Consumer goods which ultimately hit beyond the price ceiling during festive seasons ae raw foods such as meat products.

Apart from festive seasons, school holidays seem to be a favourite period of time for couples to hold their wedding day. This is due to the convenience for relatives, friends and relations to attend their wedding. If all couples were to think the same way, then many events shall take place during the said holiday and it will not be easy to acquire the date during the period.

Furthermore, the increase in cost of services especially by bridals, makeup artists, catering and others shall be the effect.


A Marriage course is compulsory for a muslim couple soon to be wed. The main purpose of the course is for newlyweds to acquire knowledge and understand the basic responsibilities of both husband and wife. Building a happy and heavenly home, filled with love is not as easy as it seems. The basic knowledge and understanding duties of both parties in a marriage, of which 80% will be delivered throughout the course.

For couples getting married, and have not yet enrolled in the course, it is advised to register at least three (3) months before the event. Should a couple have already taken the course earlier like two or three years ago, it would be a wise decision to refresh themselves by enrolling again. The marriage course could be updated with more valuable and updated learning information on marriage duties and responsibilities.


A wedding event that shines with happiness, attended by your family, friends and relatives, together with the best-served food and services is the ultimate dream of every wedding couple. Enchanted with a truly beautiful and bedazzling wedding ensemble, and a glowing bridal look is what every couple wishes for. Problems faced, related to the venue, the makeup artist, the photographer, the catering company that could present itself at the very last minute is deeply feared by the wedding party and definitely by the wedding planner.

To avoid this from happening, every couple needs to take precautions and preventive measures and to prepare accordingly in any emergencies or issues at the last minute.

The venue would be the first step that requires attention and needs to be confirmed as early as possible. The reason being that dates selected could be booked earlier by other couples as a result of the delay in decision-making of a desired date.

Do ensure that the venue of choice is booked at least six (6) months prior to the planned event date, especially if the event is to take place in the city. Early bookings are also made to avoid from the venue rental costs to increase, which can happen if the booking is made at the last minute. During the booking process, you will need to ensure and confirm the number of guests estimated to attend in order for the venue coordinator to make accurate calculations towards a smooth event.


This fourth step is rather vital in planning a wedding. How is the solemnisation ceremony to take place with the Marriage Officiant also known as Juru Nikah. For brides who still have their fathers to give them away, it shall not create a situation, whereas for brides without a father, would need to appoint a Marriage Officiant to conduct and fulfil the Solemnisation process. The Marriage Officiant needs to be informed as early as possible to avoid double bookings on a specified date by the couple. Couples are also advised to book their Bridal-of-choice as early as 6 months prior the event date.

Choices need to be narrowed down so as not to cause a couple to be confused as to which Bridal is their preference. Couples may ask their family or friends who have perhaps used the services of the chosen Bridal. Should the Bridals’ reputation of excellent service and attentiveness be well-known and recommended, then the couple should opt for that particular Bridal. In deciding for a wedding theme and colour, you would need to consider packages that offer an All-in service instead of acquiring services separately.

The reason being, wedding services when appointed separately such as wedding dais décor, makeup artist services, photographer services, event coordinator services and more are far more costly compared to a full package presented. Determine the Wedding Dais (Pelamin) theme first. Once decided, then you may discuss with the Wedding Dais Designer from the chosen Bridal. Be sure to not consume too much time in deciding in order to preserve your time.


Once your wedding date and venue has been confirmed, the next step is to order your wedding invitation cards. Before making the order, please ensure that you have chosen the right company for this service. You will need to allocate time to search through the internet on the latest wedding themes. Do ensure that your wedding invitation cards are not too costly, instead to keep in as simple so it can be easily read.

Among the details to include in the wedding invitation card is Name of the Bride and Groom together with contact details of their immediate family members for easy contact. Your house address is needed if the event is to take place at your home. However, if your event will be held at a specific wedding venue or hotel, you would need to inform and provide the printing company with the full address and map of the venue location. The map leading to the venue needs to be clear and easily understood. For muslims, a wedding invitation will always have a prayer (doa) stated for the wedding couple. It is always best to include this in your wedding invitation card for the blessings and prayers of all guests are very necessary for the happiness of the newlyweds.


A HIV Test is compulsory to be conducted before a couple decides to get married. The test is important to avoid either individual from contracting the virus should it be proven the couple is a HIV carrier. It would lead to complications if you do not undergo the HIV Test, in fear that a child born from parents who are HIV carriers could contract the virus. Before matters turn for the worst, it is best to adopt preventive measures before it is too late. The test is a very simple procedure and not to be feared.

Hence, every couple soon to be married, will need to head for the nearest government clinic without any appointments because the procedure is done very fast. At the clinic, you and your partner will be given a form to fill up, then your finger shall be pricked for blood-sampling. Soon after, your test results will be given to you in a very short period of time. There is no need for a long wait. If your test results prove you and your partner are free from HIV, you can both leave with a very big and happy smile.


For every couple to be married, among the basic requirement is to fill up a few important forms and to submit the forms and supporting documents to the respective Religious Office (Pejabat Agama) before the Solemnisation day. Among the forms that need to be filled is the Application Form of Permission to Marry for both man and woman (Borang Permohonan Nikah), Form for acknowledgment of single status (Borang Akuan Bujang), Form for Witness (Borang Saksi) and a few other forms depending on ones’ status. Information on forms can be referred to here.

Once the forms have been completed and filled accordingly, it has to be submitted along with certain supporting documents to the Section of Syariah Law of the Religious Department. At the said department, you will go through a short interview session regarding responsibilities of a husband towards his wife and responsibilities of a wife towards her husband conducted by an officer from the Religious Department. This method is known in the state of Johor. Every state has their own set of procedures, which is handled by their Religious Deparment, however it is still the same in terms of basic needs.

In starting a new life together as a legally-married couple, many couples shall face many challenges in life. Always remember that marriage is not as easy as we envision. If we lack the knowledge inside ourselves, we need to find a way to gain more knowledge on working out any issues and to be prepared physically and mentally.
Wedding procedures nowadays are said to be more complicating. The reason for the additional and improved procedures is due to many cases involving marriage without permission, elopement, marriage without the basic compulsory requirements as stated in Islamic law and much more. Therefore, to avoid from such happenings from occurring, a more detailed procedure was needed which could assist in reducing marital issues in the future. We truly hope this article on preparing before the wedding is beneficial to all couples soon to be married.

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