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Weddings Planners Malaysia

Weddings Planners Malaysia

Pakej Perkahwinan Di Kota Damansara, Pakej Perkahwinan Nikah Sanding Pelbagai Pakej Pilihan Perkahwinan, Kami Menawarkan Dari Majlis Serba Sederhana Mampu Bayar Sehinggalah Ke Majlis Super Eksklusif Bergantung Kepada Kehendak Pelanggan. Kami Berpengalaman Menguruskan Ratusan Events, Maka Tenanglah Anda, Kelancaran Majlis Penting Anda Berada Dalam Tangan-Tangan Profesional.

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If you are a prospective Wedding Couple reading this article, surely your heart shall skip a beat or beat extra fast. Wedding preparations need to be as detailed and perfect as possible. Perhaps not 100% perfect, however we must ensure the necessary steps towards planning a successful wedding, be carefully executed.

Most importantly is for you special day @ The Day to run smoothly, be truly blessed and far memorable..


Selecting a date during festive seasons causes an increase in price of goods and services due to higher demands. Therefore, retailers and service providers are surely to increase price of their goods ands services as the wish.


A Marriage course is compulsory for a muslim couple soon to be wed. The main purpose of the course is for newlyweds to acquire knowledge and understand the basic responsibilities of both husband and wife.


A wedding event that shines with happiness, attended by your family, friends and relatives, together with the best-served food and services is the ultimate dream of every wedding couple.


This fourth step is rather vital in planning a wedding. How is the solemnisation ceremony to take place with the Marriage Officiant also known as Juru Nikah.


Once your wedding date and venue has been confirmed, the next step is to order your wedding invitation cards. Before making the order, please ensure that you have chosen the right company for this service.


A HIV Test is compulsory to be conducted before a couple decides to get married. The test is important to avoid either individual from contracting the virus should it be proven the couple is a HIV carrier.

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We want to make your day as special and perfect for you as possible, so we have testimonials from other couples who had a great time with us. Planning a wedding is no small feat, but at this point, you’ve probably been working on it for months if not years. You’re smart to do your research and find the best people in town who can help make that dream day come true! Planning a wedding can be stressful. But we’re here to help!
We know that planning your big day is a lot of work, and you deserve the best. That’s why our team has years of experience in event design and styling. You don’t have to worry about anything on your special day because we’ve got it covered for you.
Our goal is to make sure everything goes smoothly on your big day so all you have to do is enjoy yourself with family and friends. And if there’s something that doesn’t go as planned, just let us know – we’ll fix it right away!
Contact us today for more information or fill out this form for a free consultation!

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With the right advice, expert knowledge and experience, your Najiha Online Wedding Planner can guide you through those important decisions, and offer professional and measured opinions. Whether you are planning a grand-scale, formal affair or an intimate and relaxed ceremony with your nearest and dearest, our dedicated Wedding Coordinators are on hand throughout the planning process to ensure that your dream day turns into a reality

Menawarkan Harga Minimum 100 Pax - 2500 Pax Untuk Pakej Perkahwinan Muslim Lengkap 2022-2023.Harga Pakej Lengkap Perkahwinan Mampu Milik Di Sediakan Termasuk Dewan Di Sediakan Untuk Pilihan Anda. Majlis Dari Serba Sederhana Mampu Bayar Sehinggalah Ke Majlis Super Eksklusif Bergantung Kepada Kehendak Pelanggan. Kami Berpengalaman Menguruskan Ratusan Events, Maka Tenanglah Anda, Kelancaran Majlis Penting Anda Berada Dalam Tangan-Tangan Profesional.Pakej Perkahwinan Di Kota Damansara

Lokasi Majis Perkahwinan Bakal Raja Sehari Merupakan Elemen Terpenting. Tiada Lokasi, Tiadalah Majlis Persandingan Pengantin. Ada Di Antara Bakal Pengantin Yang Mahukan Perkahwinan Diadakan Secara Meriah..Pakej Perkahwinan 2022-2023 Yang Di Sediakan, Pakej Perkahwinan Murah, Pakej Mampu Milik, Pakej Bajet, Pakej All In One Menjadi Tatapan Pilihan Anda.Pakej Perkahwinan Nikah Sanding


Celebrate your special day in fine style and exquisite comfort with Najiha Online, with our historic garden as your backdrop and a sensational array of wedding packages on offer to make the occasion even more perfect.

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Making the decision to engage a wedding expert to be involved in your special day can save you in more ways than on. We can save your sanity, your stress and the most priceless of all being time. We will aim to save mistakes or mishaps on the day, save your friends and family from feeling like they are ‘working’ your wedding and we can save you a pretty penny too. Najiha Online Weddings and Events can help you with a commitment to offer support, efficiency and honest professionalism

You could plan a wedding ROM, akad nikah, a wedding reception, or a wedding banquet (be it a lunch or a dinner) and the team will be ready to help you put together a wedding to remember. We ensure that from the first to the last impression, your guests are captivated by the beautiful details of your wedding day!
our wedding planner is definitely one of the most important and correct decisions we have made for our wedding. Najiha Online was professional and considerate!
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